Broadband arrives at the Lauru Land Conference

The LLCTC office in Taro is delighted to announce the installation of a satellite Internet system (VSAT) provided by The Nature Conservancy and installed by Solomon Islands Rural Link.

Jimmy Kereseka, Environment Coordinator said, “Now we are out in the world at last!”

The VSAT will provide communications, access to resources, be a powerful tool for programme coordination, monitoring and educational purposes.

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One Response to Broadband arrives at the Lauru Land Conference

  1. Steve Sae says:

    Gorgeous! It’s nice to see that we can link with the outside world. For the betterment of the resource owners and our natural assets, the VSAT system installation remarkably timely. Being a Choiseulese by origin, I am proud of this as I see this as an achievement. Hence, hopefully the field officer of LLCTC in Taro would utilize the usage of this system for information sharing, capacity building etc..for better conservation of our tremendous natural resources.

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