Interview with Mr Charlie Vagara and Mr Jackson Busu on the Fish Kill in the Marovo Lagoon

Fish kill in central Marovo – Interview with Mr Charlie Vagara

This is a post by Mr Nathaniel Nausi from Chubikopi Primary School interviewing Mr Charlie Vagara from the Patukae Community High school regarding the recent fish kill experienced in the central Marovo region during the month of June 2011.

Mr Vagara talked about the discoloration of the sea with greenish, brownish and traces of re d colored water at some isolated places with in the affected area and also the mass death of aquatic creatures seen floating on the sea surface. Mr Vagara also talked about the water turbidity which was very  low during the very high peak.


In simple terms we can say that we hardly can see through a depth of one meter from the sea surface.

The interviewee high lights that according to elders talked about how similar occurrence had occurred in the past though incredibly small and constricted to certain marine organisms such as fish.

Mr Vagara also pointed to large scale logging activities in the impacted area have contributed to the high level of sediments and nutrients that enters the sea; this is very evident when orange plumes covered the affected area during wet season.

The research team from the University of Queensland and the responsible department from the government such as the fisheries division came and assess the situation soon after the high peak.

Mr Vagara also spoke about the immediate impact on the people in the affected area will be very much related to mineral shortages or deficiency such as protein and the livelihood of people who depend entirely on sea resources for daily income certainly will be  hampered for indefinite period.

Interview with Mr Jackson Busu
This is an interview carried out by teachers around the center of Marovo lagoon about fish killing in the area.
Mr Jackson Busu expressed in this interview that , the incident was a threat to people’s livelihood and daily diets, Nature is fighting back.
People in Marovo  are wondering why this incident happened. The lagoon (sea) is the main source of daily food (diet) and income for people in this part of the Solomon Islands. He indicated that these issues have yet to be resolved

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This interview was conducted as part of the Marovo Wiki OER workshop in the Marovo Lagoon
The Marovo wiki project supports the transmission of an indigenous pacific language, knowledge and worldviews from elders to youth. Developed in both the Marovo and English languages, the organization of content is facilitated by networking and an online community of practice which is based upon the extensive knowledge of the bio-physical environment possessed by the people of Marovo Lagoon. It’s more than 1,200 terms and definitions in the Marovo language follow an entirely Marovo cultural logic.
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