Marine Fish Kill in the Marovo Lagoon interview with Mr Fensal Fate

This is a brief report of an interview with Mr. Fensal Fate from Patukae School. Date 04/07/2011, 4:30pm. About the recent fish kill in the Marovo Lagoon.
The event that occurred at that time and in weeks following resulted in the deaths of thousands of fish and other marine life in the estimated 42 square km affected area in the Marovo Lagoon.
”  ….. the sea turned from its original colour to yellowish and in some other parts greenish, large quantities of fish floated up to the surface struggling to survive but were found dead after a few days” – Mr Fensal Fate
  He also said, that some old people had experienced such incident before but not in great numbers as what is happening now. Only one or two dead fish being seen floating around the coastal areas and even beside the mangroves.
  Reports about the death of marine life has been sent via email to national and international authorities for possible assistance looking for the reasons behind the Marine deaths.
Teams from the Ministry of environment came to assess the situation and also a the from the University of Queensland under the supervision of Dr. Simon where they collected samples from the dead fish, turtles and other marine species which will be sent over to Australia for lab experiment.
People have been advised in the the affected area to not touch the sea or fish, until samples are process will tell the root cause of the fish kill. People are now dependent on root crops and vegetables for food”
See attach for some pictures of the event happening during the recent fish kill.

(Lydia, Patukae CHS)

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This interview was conducted as part of the Marovo Wiki OER workshop in the Marovo Lagoon
The Marovo wiki project supports the transmission of an indigenous pacific language, knowledge and worldviews from elders to youth. Developed in both the Marovo and English languages, the organization of content is facilitated by networking and an online community of practice which is based upon the extensive knowledge of the bio-physical environment possessed by the people of Marovo Lagoon. It’s more than 1,200 terms and definitions in the Marovo language follow an entirely Marovo cultural logic.
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